23rd JULY 2022

We love connecting with our customer’s online, sharing good vibes, bad dad jokes and gushing over everyone’s doggo’s. We’re also super grateful for the way our customers inspire FTC to continuously improve, whether though:

• Helping us decide what exciting new treato to launch next

• Removing confusion and making it easy to understand the health benefits of different treats

• How to save our customers some extra ‘cashola’ through curated value combo packs and larger pack sizes

Recently, some customers shared they were sometimes unsure as to what’s an appropriate serving when using one of our nutritious Boosters. After referring customers to the Booster section of our website and explaining all this information can be found here we realised that jumping online to double check things can get a little frustrating … especially when all you want to do is prepare you doggo a healthy meal.

That’s why were excited to share that we’ve partnered with Oz Sticker Printing to develop a FTC Booster ‘Usage Guide’ so you can easily check how much to use whether you have a small, medium or large doggo. Simply check out the bottom of any FTC Boost you order from today to get all the answers around what serve is best for your doggo.

We hope you find this useful and must admit we found the design process super fun (i.e. did you know that from day one we have always designed everything in-house; including our packaging, social posts, GIFs, website etc?). That said, we sometimes need the help of others to bring our designs to life and in those instances finding someone you can trust is so important.

We were lucky to come across a couple of years ago, after a number of underwhelming experiences with other Aussie sticker manufactures. Although, our first order of stickers wasn’t huge, the service was amazing and their process was stress free. They advised us on how to make sure our stickers came out super sharp with high resolution printing, whilst maintaining our brand colours. Also, you may have noticed that we have started to add a new neon yellow colour to our brand. In the future our brand is aiming to have biodegradable packaging, hence why we will be omitting the gold from our packaging and adding it with a fresh splash of neon yellow. Oz Sticker Printing was able to match our neon with a CMYK colour perfectly *Happy Dance*.

We love the fact that we are both Aussie businesses supporting each and will definitely continue using their services for our other printing needs in the future